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Wheel Change U

Online Quoting & Visual Identity

Wheel Change U is a mobile tyre change company based in Newcastle and Brisbane.

Just as they're focused on performing well in a mobile setting, so is their website.

The site performs well on any device, and is an excellent platform for turning casual clicks into clients.



Easy Conversions

The layout and content of the site all flows down from one clear purpose: creating clients, for the client.

There are multiple ways to reach the quoting system, with an easy user experience and helpful information to guide the way.


Online Quoting System

The site features a comprehensive quoting system, giving visitors a quick and easy way to get what they need and removing obstructions that would otherwise turn people away.

Importantly, the system functions just as well on a phone, so folks out on the road can get help as easily as someone at home.


Visual Identity

An auxiliary function of the site, to aid it's primary function, is to communicate to the visitor what Wheel Change U is all about.

The colour scheme and images work together to accomplish this, meaning visitors spend less time worrying about the site's purpose and more time converting.