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Marty's @ Little Beach

Holiday Bookings & User Engagement

A friendly accommodation provider in Port Stephens, Marty's wanted an internet home that reflected the beauty of their area, while also driving bookings and providing an easy user experience.

The site is optimised to function well on any device, and places the client in a great place to do business in the online world - with around 40% of accommodation bookings now being performed on the web.

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Easy Bookings

Marty's is a holiday accommodation, so it makes sense for the website's primary focus to be bookings.

The booking system is attention grabbing, easy to use, and was integrated smoothly with the client's existing system.

martys block1


The site's secondary function is to get visitors interested in the Port Stephens area, where Marty's is located.

To do this, the site engages the user with content about the area, including activities, travel times and weather information.

martys block2

1000 Words

The old adage about pictures is perhaps even more true for web design.

If a site doesn't grab people with it's images, they're less likely to make it to the content.

The Marty's website uses images to tell a story and communicate information, more efficiently and more effectively than words ever could.

The site features a dedicated gallery and an interactive map to tell visitors everything they need to know.

martys block3

Accommodation Information

Visitors come to Marty's website looking to book a room, and need clear information about the rooms that are available to them.

As such, there's a dedicated Rooms page detailing each of the available accommodations, with a dynamic gallery for each item.

The content has been laid out in a way that keeps the user engaged, and symbols have been used to represent beds and speed up the process.