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SEO a misconception

Recently I was providing impartial advice to a business owner. He had been quoted a large monthly retainer, by a Newcastle agency, to provide monthly search engine optimisation (SEO) on his booking website.

“...I don’t know if its worth the investment.” He said.

“I have thousands of visits per month but very few bookings. Do you think an SEO plan will help me?”


I want to address a common misconception that web developers often take advantage of. SEO is the game of improving your sites search-ability - not your website.

If your site is receiving good visitation but isn’t converting these visitors to leads/clients the problem is not your search engine ranking, its your website. The solution is not SEO!

In this case we would spend time collecting analytical data on how visitors use your website, identify weakness and recommend solutions to optimise the points where visitors are leaving or not taking action. We call this Site Optimisation.

SEO a misconception analytics

If you think this may be happening to you, or would like to discover more about how visitors are using your site, contact us and we can arrange to gather analytical data from your site and advise you further (we’ll share and explain all data to you).

Published By

Coby Delaney

Senior Developer

With vast experience in website development and a background in business management, Coby takes pride in his ability to deliver robust functionality that becomes the foundation of business processes.

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