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7 things your web developer won’t tell you

It’s your website, your business, and most of all, your money. Our entire business principle is built around transparency to our clients, and a mutually beneficial relationship, where our business grows because what we do works.

As part of that, we’re debunking many of the myths that are spread by web development agencies in an effort to part you from your hard-earned.

1. You don’t need cutting edge

A lot of web development agencies, particularly the more expensive ones, are all about portfolio pieces. What I mean by that is that they are trying to build cutting-edge design, and pretty functionality using the latest technologies. You don’t need that. Often, what you’re paying for when you get cutting edge, is the time for the web developers to train, and then hone their skills, under the guise of providing service to the client. Yes, you need functionality, but at DelaneyDavidson we’ll recommend the best solution for your problem – not just the one that makes us look the most impressive.

2. You don’t need an account manager

In the interests of keeping costs down, DelaneyDavidson doesn’t use account managers. Almost every dollar you spend goes directly towards building your website. When you call us, you’re speaking directly with a designer or developer – not someone who will forward your email on to someone else to do the work. This has two benefits for you – firstly, it keeps costs down. Secondly, you’ll be getting immediate, expert answers to your questions, resulting in a better quality product, and a more informed client.

3. Brochure sites are dead

Gone are the days when setting up a one page website was enough. Your competitors are creating sites full of functionality and content, and brochure sites are getting left behind. Functionality drives repeat visits, which in turn increases customer engagement, and ultimately revenue. While DelaneyDavidson is more than capable of creating brochure sites if you’re sure that’s all you need, talk to us about what we can do for you – you’d be surprised how much functionality can be covered by even a modest budget.

4. You need a site that works on mobile

Designing a site to work on both mobile and desktop is difficult. There are a number of considerations that need to be made, including image sizes, smaller screens and larger fonts. If your web development company is not experienced with responsive design (the name given to designing a website across various screen sizes), then they may try to manoeuvre you into thinking it’s not a necessity. It is. Based on our research, almost 50% of our clients’ website visits are originating on mobile. If your site doesn’t work well on mobile, you’re missing out on a potential 50% of your audience. Is that something you’re ok with?

5. You need a relationship, not just a website

Web agencies often push work out the door quickly. For them, designing websites is all about getting work done to bring in the money, because they have massive overheads to try to accommodate. DelaneyDavidson is different. We focus 100% of our energy on building relationships with our clients – the days of the set-and-forget website are gone. You need a lightweight, effective team who is up-to-date on the latest issues in web development, and you need them working as if they’re your own staff. That’s where we can help.

6. Functionality is more important than design

You can have the prettiest website in the world, but that doesn’t guarantee people will use it. Your website needs to do things! Whether that’s showing a list of products and information, allowing people to purchase online, letting people manage their accounts, or simply letting them interact with your business via blog posts and comments, user engagement is key. At DelaneyDavidson, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform business goals into functional websites, which helps increase traffic, and improve your bottom line.

7. You don’t need to spend 15 grand to have something fantastic.

Last, but definitely not least, budget. Based on our experience, web agencies have a cutoff. That is, a number that they will not go below on quotes for clients. Whether that’s $5000 or $15000, it’s the wrong way of doing business in our opinion. Many businesses, particularly small businesses, do not have budgets anywhere near what they are being quoted. We are different. We’ll tailor a quote specifically to your budget, make recommendations as to what we can provide for that price, and work with you over the long term to continually improve your website.

Published By

Coby Delaney

Senior Developer

With vast experience in website development and a background in business management, Coby takes pride in his ability to deliver robust functionality that becomes the foundation of business processes.

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