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You know you’re a Designer when…

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  1. You think Comic Sans is worse than the flu.
  2. You own at least one pair of chinos, and more artfully aged flannos than you would care to admit.
  3. Your phone is literally full of images - not of friends and family, but of screenshots of websites and logos you’ve found.
  4. At some point, you’ve been sent a “high resolution logo” that actually turned out to be a fax of a photo of a screenshot taken with a potato.
  5. You judge other people’s kids on their artistic skills. You also judge the parents.
  6. Your desk has so many empty coffee cups strewn over it that you can’t find your iPhone.
  7. You’ve threatened physical violence towards your computer because Photoshop won’t play ball.
  8. You’ve given up and just agreed with a client about ‘revisions’ at least once.
  9. You spend a full work day internally debating the merits of three seemingly identical shades of blue.
  10. Your least favourite phrases include: "just make it pop", "whatever you think", and the timeless "I don't like that but I'm not sure why. Can we start again?"
Published By

Coby Delaney

Senior Developer

With vast experience in website development and a background in business management, Coby takes pride in his ability to deliver robust functionality that becomes the foundation of business processes.

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