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EM Signs

Lead generation brochure site

EM Signs approached DelaneyDavidson with an upgraded website already in the pipeline. Built upon a Wordpress template, the site ticked several boxes from the website wishlist that EM Signs had created, although the template was too inflexible to support all the needs of the new website.

DelaneyDavidson took the concept of the Wordpress template, but rebuilt it from scratch upon the Silverstripe platform, allowing the website to truly reflect the quality of EM Signs’ work.

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Modern Design

EM Signs are a national corporation, with a solid portfolio of work featuring clients such as Woolworths, Caltex, Krispy Kreme and Dan Murphy’s. During the design phase of the new EM Signs website, DelaneyDavidson identified the need to reflect the quality of the work done for these clients in the design of the website. Together with EM Signs, the decision was made to develop a bold, striking new website design, taking advantage of modern browser technology, and providing the user a sophisticated and interactive experience.

ems website design

Single Page Website

EM Signs’ vision for their new website was that of a modern, single page design. Taking influence from the continuous scrolling nature of modern website design trends, DelaneyDavidson created a primarily single-paged website, with a high level of content on the home page. Case Studies, Services and Capabilities are all featured on the homepage, with the page designed to provide a lot of information in a user-friendly way.

Twitter Integration

With posting to Twitter already an ingrained business process of EM Signs, it was important to work this content into the website, in order to provide fresh content in an easy method. DelaneyDavidson added a section to the new EM Signs website that automatically pulled recent tweets in from the EM Signs Twitter account, so that updates to the website can be made in one central location.

ems social integration