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Dynamic Asset Consulting

Investment Firm Multisite

Dynamic Asset Consulting is an investment firm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of financial theory. Offering Goals Based advice to their clients, DAC needed a website to clearly communicate their message: they're new, they're different, and they're all about getting their clients results.

We built them a dedicated Home Page to serve as a launching point into a pair of subsites, one for each of their client types - Personal Investors and Financial Advisors. Each subsite was then built into a freestanding mini-site, each complete with information about the company, Blog posts, searchable financial reports, and listings of the Portfolios that they offer.

We partnered with deliveringResults for this project, who provided digital direction and copywriting. Together, we built something we're proud of.

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Dedicated Sub-sites

DAC has two completely different target audiences - so we built two similar, but different, sub-sites. Each uses a slightly different colour scheme matched to the audience, targeted imagery, and separate content.


Portfolio Listings

The site's key purpose is to educate potential clients about what DAC has to offer. To achieve this, we built a custom Portfolio section into both sub-sites that allows for easy navigation between each of the products. Behind the scenes, we gave DAC the tools to easily manage and update the information about their portfolios.


Downloadable and Filterable Reports

To help show how DAC's investment method stands out from the crowd, the site displays quarterly reports for each of their investment portfolios. These can be filtered by month and portfolio, and easily managed and added by DAC.