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Sundermann Water Power

Responsive website & CMS

Sundermann Water Power is an innovative renewable energy developer currently developing a water turbine that can utilise the full potential of the worlds oceans and rivers. Their breakthrough technology has massive potential, providing almost 24hrs of continuous energy production particularly in slow water flows. With so many applications and advantages its safe to say these guys are going to make a difference!

When Sundermann approached DelaneyDavidson back in 2010 we jumped at the opportunity to work with such a like minded company.

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DelaneyDavidson have been an invaluable provider and mentor in establishing and maintaining the Sundermann Water Power website. The teams technical and communication nous underpins all of their excellent work and we continue our strong relationship with DelaneyDavidson.

Leigh Bennett Director Sundermann Water Power

Full service relationship

During our long relationship with Sundermann we have been responsible for the design of; corporate stationery (business cards, letterheads, etc), Annual Reports and brochures, as well as the development (2010), updates and redevelopment (2014) their website.

swp graphic design web development

New site and CMS

With the successful testing of Turbine prototype 3 Sundermann sought to build the foundations for an effective future online marketing structure. We began this process by redefining Sundermann’s website, adding new features such as Blogs and Announcements to increase lead interaction, and a robust Content Management System (CMS), enabling Sundermann to keep interested parties up-to-date with relevant, timely information.

swp content management

Part of the team

Our relationship with Sundermann is a great example of how we like to operate. Our methodology is to seamlessly integrate into your business needs and goals - making us the appropriate web development team for a startup like Sundermann or a multi-million dollar club like the Boat Club. Often our clients consider us part of their team, which was evident when Sundermann invited us to join them at the Australian Cleantech Awards where their turbine was a finalist.

swp partnership