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Live Updates & Forums

As the largest independent rugby league website in the world, the development of LeagueUnlimited presented many unique challenges. The site has undergone several upgrades since its launch in 2003, the most recent of which completely overhauled not only the CMS, but also the branding and design, not to mention the addition of a number of new features.

DelaneyDavidson has worked in partnership with LeagueUnlimited to provide unparalleled coverage of Rugby League to an international market, and ensure continued growth and success into the future.

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Although LeagueUnlimited had an existing brand, the business suffered from a lack of identity within the market. The logo that LeagueUnlimited had used since its launch shared many similarities with competing companies - resulting in a dilution of the effectiveness of the brand.

DelaneyDavidson developed a striking new logo and identity for the business, to both improve the effectiveness of the existing brand, and also allow for expansion into the future.

LeagueUnlimited logo

Responsive Design

Coupled with the new logo and branding for the business, DelaneyDavidson redesigned and redeveloped the site from the ground up, taking advantage of new technologies. As part of this, DelaneyDavidson implemented a fully responsive design, allowing for all site content to be effectively navigated on all devices, including computer, tablet and handheld.

LeagueUnlimited mobile

Improved Performance

The massive readership of the site (10,000 unique visitors per day) dictated a need for efficiency within the site's performance, to ensure continued uptime despite heavy traffic.

At peak periods during the 2013 season, LeagueUnlimited was able to effectively serve over 1,200 page loads per minute.

LeagueUnlimited load speed

Live Updates

LeagueUnlimited boasts a comprehensive live update system, providing to-the-minute updates of rugby league games from across the world. The fully featured CMS for this system includes the ability to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook from the one location, a fully integrated ladder/statistics generation system, and an efficient and easy-to-use interface.

LeagueUnlimited live updates

Advanced Blog / News

One of the main features of the LeagueUnlimited website is the speed of its news updates, often scooping even the largest media websites. This has been made a possibility due to the CMS DelaneyDavidson has put in place, which not only allows for the publication of news articles, but also automatically generates links to related content, and builds info boxes to provide additional information to users.

LeagueUnlimited news release


With over 30,000 registered users, and almost 10 million posts, the Front Row Forums on LeagueUnlimited have become an entity in their own right. Built upon the powerful Xenforo engine, the forums allow fans from around the world to share their own views and opinions about the game they love. The forums also provide a valuable tool for the business to engage with its users, and obtain insights into user behaviour and satisfaction.

LeagueUnlimited forums