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Kel Whittaker Smash Repairs

Old School Service, Modern Design

Kel Whittaker Smash Repairs is a locally owned and operated business who've been around for almost 40 years.

To complement their quality service, they needed a new website to carry them forward as a modern business, with responsive design and refreshed branding to see them safely into the future of online customer engagement.

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To increase business, the site functions as a platform for customer enquiry.
A comprehensive quote request form gives Kel Whittaker Smash Repairs all the information they need to then provide a quote to their customers, allowing them to pick up business through an entirely new medium.



The site is designed to encourage visitors to get in touch with our client, so all of the important information is quick to find and easy to read.

Our client's contact information is found in multiple locations across the site, so visitors who don't want a quote online can easily ring up and know where they have to take their car.