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Newcastle Griffins

Content Management & Logo design

A Local Rugby Union club, the Newcastle Griffins, approached DelaneyDavidson to refresh their tired image. Although the club had an existing logo and website, both looked dated. The website in particular was in a state of disrepair, after having been unused for many years.

DelaneyDavidson overhauled the logo and brand of the club, and developed promotional material to take advantage of their new image. A new website was also developed, featuring an easy to use CMS, allowing updates to be made more easily that ever before.

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Logo Overhaul

The Griffins identity is traditionally a proud one within the Newcastle Rugby community. DelaneyDavidson recognised the value of this existing identity, but sought to modernise it, without losing its recognisability.

Newcastle Griffins logo

Website Overhaul

The goal of the new Newcastle Griffins website was simple. To improve the communication channels between the club and its players and supporters. An understanding of these requirements allowed DelaneyDavidson to create a multi-faceted communication tool for the club. The news system on the site allowed supporters to be kept in the loop with club news, while photo galleries encourage users to interact with one another, and enhance the community feel of the club.

Newcastle Griffins website


A key feature for the new site was its ease of updating. DelaneyDavidson implemented a user friendly CMS on the site, allowing almost aspects of the sites to be customised with no knowledge of HTML, and very little computer knowledge at all. DelaneyDavidson partners with the Newcastle Griffins rugby union club, to ensure the site is well maintained and continues to be an effective communication tool.

Newcastle Griffins cms