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Web Development

At DelaneyDavidson, we believe that your website is a key factor in the performance of your business. While it's true your website must look good, that's not the only factor.

Your website must also entice your users to interact with your business, and fundamentally improve your bottom line. We work directly with you to understand your goals and requirements from the very beginning. 

Business Growth Functionality

Web Development - Business Growth

A good website is a fundamental tool in improving the bottom line for your business. It can lower staff costs by making tasks more efficient, increase revenue by allowing online purchases of your products, and even open you up to new, previously unconsidered markets through the borderless nature of the web. DelaneyDavidson offer a number of tools to facilitate this.

Responsive Design

Web Development - Responsive Design

It’s no longer enough for a website to only look good on a desktop computer. The massive growth in use of tablets and smartphones means that your site must function perfectly no matter what device you are using – be it an iPad, iPhone or laptop. All websites we design are responsive to the size of the device, meaning your website will look great on almost any device.

Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Web Development - SEO

There are a number of aspects to Search Engine Optimisation, including both on-page and off-page. At Delaney Davidson, every site we develop is structured in a way that makes it easily accessible by search engines. We employ simple tools such as page titles, headers, semantic code and alt tags to help your site's rankings. In addition, we can advise on off-site strategies to take full advantage of your new website.

Content Management (CMS)

Web Development - CMS

Every site we build comes with a full content management system (CMS). What this means is that our clients have full control over the content on their sites, from the text on the page right through to changing the URL. For the most part, if you can see it on the page, you can change it through the CMS.

Social Media Integration

Web Development - Social Media

Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter have massive user bases. Facebook alone had 1.1 billion registered users in 2013. Our sites allow you to take advantage of this in a number of ways. Every page on your site can be optimised for social media, giving you control over what content and images are displayed when someone shares your page.

Email Marketing

Web Development - Email Marketing

Digital strategy is more than just having a website and hoping people use it. Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Offline Marketing are all valuable parts of your strategy, and should collaborate and collate to drive visitors to your website. DelaneyDavidson can assist with building your Email Marketing database, and advise on how best to utilise it.

Site Optimisation (Analytics)

Web Development - Analytics

Even after launch, the development of your website continues. DelaneyDavidson monitors your site, gathering data about your users and their behaviour, so that we can make informed recommendations about the direction of your website. This allows future development to target the areas that need the most attention, and ensures your website is working at is best.

W3C/WCAG Compliant Code & Design

Web Development - W3C WCAG

One of the primary goals of all DelaneyDavidson websites is inclusivity - ensuring that your website is accessible by as many people as possible, on as many devices as possible. By adhering to W3C standards and WCAG, we achieve high standards of performance, cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.

Help and Support

Web Development - Support

We realise that the most frustrating part of your new website can be having all that functionality and no idea how to use it. For that reason, we provide a number of methods for you to get help with the day-to-day management of your site.