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Mobile Ready eCommerce

Japonicity approached DelaneyDavidson with the goal of adding online sales facilitate to their existing handmade jewelry business. Working with a design provided by the client, DelaneyDavidson developed a sophisticated online shop, featuring product categories, variations, and credit card payment facilities.

With a brief emphasizing ease of use, clean design and functionality, Japonicity illustrates DelaneyDavidson’s strength in creating an effective online presense for existing shopfronts.

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Guided Setup

Entry into online sales can be a daunting task, involving complex functionality, third parties such as banks and merchant providers, and many hoops to jump through. DelaneyDavidson can guide you through the process, from setting up a merchant account, right through to making your first sale.

Japonicity eCommerce

Product Variations

DelaneyDavidson’s fully featured online shop module helps drive sales thruogh your website. Japonicity’s system contains product variations (such as  colour or size), as well as the ability to manage prices and stock availability on a per-product basis.

Japonicity product variations

Responsive Shop

As with all sites developed by DelaneyDavidson, Japonicity’s online shop is fully responsive - meaning your customers can browse and purchase your products no matter where they are, or what they’re doing. Your products could be generating sales even while your customers are curled up watching TV, or lying in bed playing with their smartphones. Adding online shopping to your bag of tricks simply makes better business sense, and is an intelligent way of improving your profit margins.

Japonicity responsive