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delivering Results

delivering Results

Being one of our partners in business, the development of the delivering Results website was unique and presented us with some interesting challenges. delivering Results provide marketing solutions to their clients that are heavily customised to their clients needs, and bend over backwards to achieve the results their clients seek - they are experts in helping client messages to break out and be noticed.

When delivering Results asked us to redevelop their website, we were ecstatic. We knew this would be a challenge - communicating their unique tone and commitment to their clients was of paramount importance - but we believe that by working closely together, we achieved something great. The website features a non-traditional layout - most sites use a box/grid system to contain page elements, however the dR website features "out of the box" elements, purposely breaking the expected flow of content and forcing the user of the site to pay attention.

Another key feature of the site is the images. These are used across the site to great effect, enhancing and complimenting the text content. The images are also subtly interactive, providing unique engagement to users. On desktop devices, some of the images will start out black and white, but fade to colour when interacted with. On mobile, page elements can't be hovered, so instead these images will fade in to colour when the user scrolls to the image.

Finally, the sticky form on the Home Page provides a great launching point for client engagement. The Form travels down the page with the user, keeping the option for communication open as they navigate the content.

All in all, we're very happy with this project - check it out for yourself!

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Dynamic Contact Forms

The site's primary goal is converting leads to customers. As such, there's a very simple Contact Form that appears in many of the pages, and on the Home Page even follows the user down the page as they scroll. The Form forwards the response to delivering Results, so they can promptly get back to their future client.

Delivering Results Sticky Form

​Beautiful Testimonials

Client Testimonials are one of the best tools in convincing potential clients that they'll be joining a privileged group of people. We made sure to design and build the site's Testimonials to be eye catching, showcasing the incredible work that delivering Results does.

Delivering Results Testimonial Page

Expressive Contact Page

For users looking to contact a business, the Contact Page is often the last stop they make and the decider for whether they're going to reach out.

We built the delivering Results Contact Page to be friendly, intuitive, and provide users with the information they require and an additional opportunity to get in touch.

Delivering Results Contact Page