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Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce dolor mauris, blandit eu laoreet non, interdum eu sapien. Vestibulum commodo enim et justo dapibus, in viverra lacus sagittis...


Don’t worry, you’re not going mad. The sentence above is an example of Lorem Ipsum text, a type of filler text used since the 1500s, when it was used to create an example of printed type. Brought to the digital world in the 1980s, Lorem Ipsum is used as filler text in website and print mockups, to demonstrate how a design will look when completed.


What is it?

Despite the nonsensical appearance, classic Lorem Ipsum text is anything but. It's made of random sentences from a Latin book called The Extremes of Good and Evil, a philosophical text written in 45 BC by the Roman polymath, Marcus Tullius Cicero.


Why do we use it?

Dummy content works best if it doesn’t distract from the design it occupies. For English speakers, Lorem Ipsum text has a familiar distribution of word lengths and letters, so doesn’t distract nearly as much as the words “insert content here” pasted repeatedly.


Modern Ipsum

Traditionally the text follows a standard format, as you can see in the first paragraph - although a number of fun alternatives have been developed and are freely available via generators on the web. Let's take a look:


Here's some of our favourites

If your web or print mockups need a little lovin', consider one of these.


Samuel L. Ipsum

Placeholder text with a delightful sprinkling of charming Samuel L. Jackson quotes. Can be used with or without expletives.

Do you see any Teletubbies in here? Do you see a slender plastic tag clipped to my shirt with my name printed on it?


Cat Ipsum

If you’re a fan of cats (or just cat memes), you’ll appreciate having your mockups filled with this.

Wake up human for food at 4am chase red laser dot rub face on owner for spread kitty litter all over house spit up on light gray carpet instead of adjacent linoleum...


Corporate Ipsum

Ever known someone who preferred to spout business nonsense over actual words? This should deliver some cringeworthy nostalgia.

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking…


Hipster Ipsum

Are you a fan of oiled beards, craft beers, and checkered shirts? Do you daydream about running off to become a lumberjack? This organically-grown filler text was made for you.

Chartreuse tumblr health organic, vegan synth asymmetrical chambray succulents ramps twee paleo...


Hairy Lipsum

Created to mark Movember, this text aims to give the standard lorem ipsum text some glorious masculinity.

El snort testosterone trophy driving gloves handsome, dis el snort handsome gent testosterone trophy Fallen eyebrow driving gloves...



This generator picks out the best of Futurama quotes, and slaps them together into a beautiful mishmash of comedic gibberish.

Is the Space Pope reptilian!? Oh Leela! You're the only person I could turn to; you're the only person who ever loved me. You don't know how to do any of those...

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